Sunday, February 11, 2007

A song...

I really wanted to purchase a cheap music recording program for my computer to record a few of the songs I have been writing and post them to this blog...but the recording software didn't work properly on my mac. So I am going to write the lyrics to one of my songs here...

His name was Sugar, a beggar, on the corner with a window for a face
He stood by a lamp and I swear I could see his shadow shivering in place
He took me by surprise
I could hear him speaking right in side my mind

You make me feel so low, so low.

She stepped off the curb, a pretty politician known for leftist views
She always did her best to alter legislation, to consider the lesser few
She took me by surprise
She took one look and passed him by

You make me feel so low, so low

He marched down the street, a solid polished preacher, with rings on both his hands
He studied the sign and I thought he would have compassion, this righteous holy man
He took me by surprise
He shook his head and said goodbye

You make me feel so low, so low

I sat on a bench with my bag and my hands were shaking as I slid out of view
And Sugar walked over just as my needle was pushing a puncture for a wound
He took me by surprise
He held my hand as I started to cry

You make me feel so low, so low


  • Those are some deep lyrics. I'm really excited to hear some music.
    try or those might work for you.

    By Blogger bfine107, at 8:46 PM  

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